ASG Pioneers Development of novel inhaled drugs and Accelerates R&D Progress

2024/6/5 12:47:03

TAIPEI, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Asia Scientific Global (ASG), a leader in the research and development of novel inhaled drugs, has set up a laboratory in Taiwan, and plans to establish a second facility in Singapore later this year. This new lab will focus on developing 505(b)2 new dosage form drugs targeting four key areas: antibiotics, erectile dysfunction, respiratory health, and the central nervous system. ASG revealed today that Beta1, a novel drug currently under development, has successfully completed toxicology testing. The drug is slated to undergo a series of international multicenter clinical trials from 2024 to 2026. Additionally, the company intends to establish offices and local teams in China, Southeast Asia, and North America, integrating the planning processes for new product development, clinical trials, and market expansion. By leveraging Asia as its new R&D hub, ASG is expanding globally and expediting the clinical trial processes for its novel medicines.

ASG's Core Strength: Advanced Technology Platform for Special Dosage Forms of Drugs

ASG is advancing the development of 505(b)(2) new dosage form drugs, with a special focus on dry powder inhalers that deliver medication through the respiratory tract. The company's core strength lies in its special dosage form drug platform, based on the Aero-Particles Process Control Technology (APPC), advanced prescription process technology, and innovative medical device development technology. With its proprietary technologies, strategic product selection, and thorough market analysis, ASG is committed to addressing unmet medical needs. The company revolutionizes traditional drug delivery systems by utilizing specialized particle control technology combined with customized inhaler device designs. The approach ensures more effective lung penetration, enhanced absorption, and increased drug efficacy while significantly reducing side effects. ASG's innovative delivery system provides patients worldwide with faster, safer, and more convenient therapeutic options. This commitment aligns with the firm's mission to "make the world a better place with every breath".

Precise Drug Development Strategy Helps to Expedite R&D Process

CEO Hugues Hung said that ASG has leveraged its proprietary technology platform to develop breakthrough and improved drugs. Within just six months, the company has filed applications for multiple patents and rapidly advanced its products into toxicological trials. ASG's most rapidly progressing drugs are the Alpha and Beta series, targeting tuberculosis and erectile dysfunction. Mr. Hung highlighted the specific challenges with current tuberculosis treatments, which include drug resistance and poor patient compliance due to the excessive dosage for Tuberculosis treatment. The Alpha series aims to mitigate these issues by enhancing existing drug formulations through a specialized process that reduces the likelihood of drug resistance. Additionally, utilizing the special dosage form of the respiratory preparation, which is rapidly absorbed and easily used, Alpha can establish a superior delivery route that enhances the convenience of drug administration. Thanks to these features, the series is set to provide a breakthrough treatment solution in the field of antibiotic therapy, offering significant benefits to a larger patient population.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, existing medications typically require between 40 minutes and two hours to reach their peak concentration. ASG's enhanced drug prescription design and inhalation delivery method not only speed up drug absorption but also improve ease of use through the company's specially designed portable and modern devices. ASG anticipates to submit a Pre-IND (Investigational New Drug) application in the United States and enter the clinical trial phase within this year.

Comprehensive Drug Development Services

ASG's drug development platform technology, along with its drug formulations and preparation methods, are currently pending U.S. patent approval. Additionally, the company has partnered with leading multinational medical research centers and Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) to facilitate comprehensive evaluation, analysis, and execution across all stages of drug development and production. This includes R&D, pilot production, preliminary testing, clinical trials, and even commercial production, offering one-stop drug development services. The approach ensures that ASG's products are well-positioned for successful market entry. With the strategic goal of licensing these products to international pharmaceutical companies, ASG is actively seeking partners to expedite the development and commercialization of its drugs.